More Baby Boomers Are Undergoing Plastic Surgery Procedures

babyboomer plastic surgeryThe population of the United States is getting more mature but unlike previous generations, this generation has placed a much more serious value on looking good. The Baby Boomer population is defined as the children born after World War II from the years 1946 to 1964. As the Baby Boomers age more they trying to retain their youthful looks more than ever. More mature men and women are actually helping to raise up the number of cosmetic surgeries performed every year.

Plastic surgery is more acceptable now than it has been in the past. There are many of different reasons behind the increase in the acceptance of cosmetic surgery. Reality plastic surgeon television shows compete with dramatic shows featuring sexy cosmetic surgeons helping all sorts of equally sexy people. Surprisingly, some reports have shown that more attractive people actually make more money than their less attractive co-workers. Many people are saying in the work place longer than they used to and those more mature people want to look as good as their more youthful office mates and co-workers.

While many young people turn to cosmetic surgery to attract a mate some older people use cosmetic surgery to simply look younger by a few years and feel better about themselves. This Baby Boomer generation is also the first population to grow up with a real emphasis on keeping healthy. They have a healthy diet, they workout on a daily basis and they want to look as youthful as they still feel. Plastic surgery can make a person’s exterior body look as good as they may feel internally.

The most common cosmetic surgery request by far is the injection of Botox to smooth out wrinkly skin. Many of the more commonly performed procedures are meant to improve the skin, especially after decades of growing up without sun block. Skin and surface procedures such as micro laser skin peels, Botox applications, and wrinkle filling procedures are often the first plastic surgical procedures tried.

It’s not just women who are seeing the local plastic surgeon. Most people think of cosmetic surgery as something that appeals more to women, but that is not always the case. It’s true that a lot of older women are opting so-called “mommy make-overs” which usually is comprised of breast enhancement, a breast lift and a tummy tuck. Men usually opt for surgical procedures such as eyelid tucks, face tightening and other operations that make them look more youthful at the office.

The expanding Baby Boomer population is more health conscious and more interested holding on to their good looks for as long as possible. As more and more mature people continue to seek ways to look and feel younger there will be more plastic surgeons there to serve them. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for the young anymore – it’s now a valid way for older people to keep feeling young and healthy.