How To Have An Amazing Front lawn This Summer

grow grassMany homeowners are proud of working with a beautiful front lawn. However, it is sometimes challenging to grow and look after a healthy lawn all summer. As soon as you decide on the perfect time to plant grass seed you can do so and start preparing to maintain of your lawn. Follow this advice that will help you have a great lawn this summer season.

First off, if you’re planting from seed you want to be sure you have good quality seed that is suitable for your environment. Browse the varieties of seeds available and read the instructions carefully before deciding which one to buy. Not only that, you want to be sure you plant the seeds in good soil. You should first test your soil’s PH level to ascertain whether it is alkaline or acidic. PH test kits are available at many hardware stores. The soil ought to be within the average range of 6 or 7. Depending on the results you may need to increase or decrease the acidity of the soil.

Add enough moisture to soak into your soil but just enough so that it does not create too much flooding above the surface. Obviously, when the soil is too dry the seeds won’t germinate and the same will occur if the soil it too wet. You’ll want your soil to be moist enough to retain water as the seeds are germinating.

Just about the most obvious ways to keep your lawn in great condition is ensuring it receives the correct quantity of water. Allowing it to get too dry can cause dry patches and watering it too much will drown the seeds along with the grass. A sprinkler is usually the easiest way to water your lawn as it provides a gentle source of water over larger areas. Ordinarily, a healthy lawn requires an average of 30-40 minutes of watering per area every other day. You may have to do trial-and-error to find out what is ideal depending on just how much sun and shade you receive. It is also important to adjust your watering based on the amount of rainfall you get.

raining on grassWhen you have had several consecutive days of rainfall then you will be able to go without watering for 3-4 days. The time of day you water also makes a difference. Of course, you shouldn’t set your sprinklers on through the hottest portion of the day because most of the water will evaporate before being absorbed into the soil. However, you don’t want to water at a time when the water will be stagnant too long since this can promote fungus growth. Experts suggest the optimum time to water is in the morning hours. Obviously, be sure you never water your lawn on days you’re going to mow.

Experts also recommend you retain your grass height at about 2.5 to 3 inches tall. Make sure you keep it at a decent height throughout the summer to avoid drying out or becoming too short. It is important to consider how often and how short you cut the grass. Cutting your lawn too short is not going to allow it to grow and may cause it to burn. At the same time, you should not go too long without cutting it since the grass won’t get proper nutrient absorption when it is too tall. It is usually best to change direction each time you mow. Furthermore, mowing during the coolest part of the day will help avoid browning of the lawn.

When it comes to starting new grass, try this easy grass planting method which is similar to how golf courses plant their own lush greens!